Christof Jauernig, Chief Editor – The International List Of Famous Waldorf Alumni

Opher Segev responded to my request for voluntary web programming support. My hope had been to find someone who would revamp the website of “theWaldorfs”, a private and voluntary initiative founded in 1997 in order to promote Waldorf education related topics and home to “The International List of Famous Waldorf Alumni”. To be honest, I hadn’t been too confident to really find someone who would do web programming free of charge. And if so, I NEVER would have expected that there would be someone on this planet willing and able do this in a manner as professional, creative, reliable, enthusiastic, patient and proactive as Opher did. He brought our website into shape, made it look beautiful, set up a new MySQL database, did all the big and little things required to really get a website going, was constantly available for a period of two months and responded to every request in such an amazing speed, that I kept asking myself when, if at all, he caught sleep. I am certain that there are quite some paid web programmers that wouldn’t by far come up with such a level of engagement and professionalism as Opher showed, in his case not for money but solely on the basis of wanting to help the good cause. My deepest respect goes to him for that. It has been and continues to be a pleasure to work with him, and I am deeply thankful that he crossed our project’s way. Anyone who will be equally lucky can be certain that his cause and website will profoundly be taken care of.

Jessica McKay, Executive Director – Rock To The Future

Opher Segev designed a website for Rock to the Future at no cost. Not only did he create a well designed and fully functional website, he did so quickly and efficiently. After dealing with numerous unreliable web designers, I was very happy to work with someone who kept constant communication. Opher used our design specifications and created the site to fit our needs. All requests were fulfilled, and he even researched specific requests on his own to help fulfill the organization’s needs. It’s was a joy to work with Opher and I highly recommend him and the entire staff at RehpO Pro Bono to anyone in need of a web designer!

Our Children Foundation, Attentive Hearts, Transition Earth, The Chad Foundation, And Many More (Click For Complete List)

  • Hilit Gilad, Director – Our Children Foundation, Schneider Children Hospital
  • Sharon Lubasz, PhD, Founder And Director – Attentive Hearts
  • Suzanne York, Director – Transition Earth
  • Arista, Founder And President – The Chad Foundation For Athletes And Artists
  • Cori Kohlhagen, Founder And President – The Lighthouse Operation
  • Alex Awad, Executive Director – The Shepherd Society
  • Robert Grabel, Executive Director – Teens Run Westchester
  • Carrie Black, Co-Founder – Two Rivers Community Literacy Project
  • Rosalind Bluestone, Founder And CEO – Goods For Good
  • Batya Friedland, Founder And Director – Akha Children’s Dream Home
  • Sarah Geller, Executive Director – Arts Education International
  • Cassandra Jackson, Executive Director – The Backpack Project
  • Meredith Nolan, Volunteer – Street Savvy Dog Rescue
  • Hilliard Hart, Founder – SizerCycle
  • Janelle Jones, President – Friends Of Volunteers Initiative Nepal
  • Didit Van Der Linden, President – Action For The Care And Development Of The Poor In The Philippines
  • Jim MacFarland, Volunteer – Safe Ground Sacramento
  • Grace Julius Ssembatya, Founder – Unwoke Magazine
  • Kok-Hou Chia, Volunteer – Faraja Children’s Home
  • Danielle Hurley, Executive Director – Bright Connections International
  • Daniel Ganyoame, Executive Director – Africa ICT Right
  • Elvis Austins, Founder – SpellAfrica
  • Neto Augustine, Executive Director – Clemency Uganda
  • Ikula Benard, Executive Director – Women Partnership For Development
  • Gaspard SaffaGbokoh Ngevao, Executive Director – Agency For Peoples Empowerment
  • Cristina Steele-Rodriguez, CEO And Founder – Equine Solutions
  • Hisenburg Q. Togba, Executive Director – Movement For The Promotion Of Gender Equality In Liberia
  • Tineke Iris, Executive Director – InforAmazon
  • Meli Farnam, Founder And President – GCD’s West Texas Relief
  • John Paulin, PhD, Advisor – International Institute Of The Bengal And Himalayan Basin
  • Steven Walerstein, Executive Director – Protection Objectives Well Being Enhancement Restoration Of Self
  • Joseph Laila , Executive Director – Arcobaleno
  • Moses Bert Mabonga, Founder – The Tongue Foundation
  • Panashe Ndlovu, Founder – The Conscientization Movement
  • Nkainin Edwin, Director – Integrated Rural Community Center For Agriculture
  • Jonathan Munyany, Founder – Joyland Prime Academy